Welcome To Spencers Hair & Beauty Salon

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Why ''SPENCER''S'' Hair Salon?


Our phone number is 01733 324568. 

Five months after my son Spencer was born, his long battle began. He is 20 now, and the numerous lengthy appointments and tests at Great Ormond Street Hospital are ongoing. Spencer now has a diagnosis which is UPF3B gene mutation. Spencer has severe learning difficulties and many medical problems. He says few words due to part of his brain not forming in pregnancy, and he was four before he learned to walk - a massive achievement and one we all take for granted. Since clearing this hurdle, Spencer has achieved many goals - his latest is his Duke of Edingborough award, bronze and silver, being able to take his own socks off ready for bath time, and saying the word ''ghost'' while running around the house with his skeleton outfit.

Spencer is my inspiration and he has shown myself and others that the seemingly impossible can be achieved if you put your mind to it. Now, it''s time for me to realize my dream. So, I''m putting my 29 years hairdressing and salon management experience into opening a salon of my own - and only one name seemed appropriate.

As a parent of a child with special needs, I have been on the receiving end of stares, comments and even abuse from the general public, and I know how upset and uncomfortable it can make you feel. That''s why I would like to welcome everyone to SPENCER''S Hair Salon to receive our expertise in making you feel special and looking great too.  

I was nomitated for Pride of Britain awards 2009 and got through to the final 10 in the co-operatives local champions award. This was a real suprise to me and I am thankful to those who nominated me. The co-op kindly donated £200 towards a charity of my choice in which I have shared between the Phoenix school and Corpal.     

HAAB awards.

I  won the Caring and Compassionate award for The HAAB Honours Ball. The award ceremony was held on the 8th of February 2010.

I was very surprised to find out that I had been nominated by my Aunt for The Sun Newspapers Wondermum of the Year. I was down to the last 6 finalists and was fortunate to go to London for 2 days for the award ceremony. This was fantastic and all the people looking after us were great. Although I didn't win, it was lovely to have that recognition and the other mum's were brilliant.

I won the award for work in the community, this was presented by the Mayor Irene Walsh, this was a great achievement to be recognised for our work in the community.

 I was winner of fund raiser of the year by Peterborough Evening Telegraph, this is  by votes from local readers, so it is great to know my efforts are appreciated locally.

I am winner of East of Englands best shave awarded by Blue Beards Revenge and Barber Connect.

I was nominated for Inspirational award 2014 and got through to the finals at the award ceremony.